Saturday, February 6, 2010

West Point Bridge Designer 2010

After all of the bugs in version 2007, could they have fixed some
Instead, they have created a limitation on imagination and determined that a cable bridge does not exist. Shame!!!!
My first born played with the pragram from when he was 4 and came up with some amazing designs, which no longer are viable in the new version. If the realism was not correct, then the fix should have been to make it more realistic(after 3 years) rather than basically banning cable and reqiring box section for cable. It is now less reaistic than ever and has basically banned cable and suspension bridges.

You call yourself engineers

My kids won't be using the new program

I hinders imagination


Friday, August 8, 2008


A LOVING couple who inspired friends with their closeness and fun-loving natures were the innocent victims of a horror car smash that followed a police pursuit in Hervey Bay.

Peter and Nicole Ash, aged 45 and 43, were killed instantly on Friday night when a speeding vehicle, trying to evade police, struck their car from behind, causing it to roll. The accident, 300km north of Brisbane, took the Queensland year's road toll to 177. The childhood sweethearts have two grown-up children aged 20 and 21, who were being notified of the tragedy by police last night. The couple were travelling east along Charlton Esplanade in their Festiva sedan at 11.20pm when a silver Magna hit them from behind at an estimated 140km/h. The driver who allegedly crashed into the couple was yesterday charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death. Samuel Frederick Bonner, 22, appeared in the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody. Further charges are expected to be laid. It is understood Mr Bonner allegedly returned a blood alcohol reading of .079 at the roadside and was unlicensed.

This is yet again another tragic event which is becoming more and more the norm.

The reason why I have brought it up is that the usual government response to this is to put in speed cameras to slow us down, because speeding was a major factor. Perhaps they should reduce the speed limit to 40 Km/h there as it is now a black spot , that should help. Perhaps we should increase the fines for speeding and drink driving and unlicensed driving, what a corker of an idea.

If nothing else it will fill the coffers.

I feel that the problem is that nobody is responsible any more. Speed kill, drink driving kills, even unlicensed driving kills. Wrong, people kill. Samuel Frederick Bonner is the killer, and it is up to him to answer for his crimes, not the rest of society through knee jerk revenue raising. MOTORISTS have been plundered for revenue by the State Government with new figures showing fines to drivers nearly tripling to a colossal $312 million in just six years. But ther has been a 5% drop in fatalities in NSW over the past 6 years so the transport minister claims vindication.

By my calculations, if a 300% increase in revenue equates to 5% less victims, then a 6000% increase would save all of the victims.

What are we waiting for.

Oh thats right, only save victims from the people who obey the laws and pay the fines , unlike our good mate Sam who was driving without a license and drunk.

It is interesting that Eric Roozendaal, the transport minister does not recognize any of the other reasons that may have helped the road toll over the last 6 years, One might ask to what degree such things as, the reduction of black spots on the Pacific Highway through the increase of dual carriageways, which has reduced deaths on the Pacific by 30 %. Perhaps the fact that airbags are now mandatory and as older cars come off the road, nearly all cars have them. Perhaps the fact that cars are getting safer, many are now equipped with anti lock brakes, active stability control, traction control and seatbelt pretensioners.

I don't for one second claim to have all of the answers, but we can't save everybody. There are arseholes out there who won't obey the laws, no matter what the fine, boys under 25 will always have too much testosterone, roads will always get wet and governments will never spend all of the road taxes on fixing the roads.

The one thing that I do know, is that this government won't rest until every car has a GPS unit that can deduct fines from your bank account every time you hit 51kph.

They have to go.

Visa Debit Card

Use your Visa Debit card instead of cash to pay for your everyday purchases – whether you are shopping at the grocery store, dining at a restaurant, filling your car with petrol, surfing the internet or buying the perfect gift on your travels. You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs around the world.


Q. When do you really need a credit card instead of a debit card.

A. When you book into a hotel

Hotels often freeze credit on your credit card for crap such as mini bar etc, even if your room is prepaid. They like to hold a couple of grand. Perhaps you may be rock stars who like to throw TV's out the window (like Aerosmith who took extra long extension cords to hotels because TV's should only hit the ground while they are turned on). Unfortunately Hotels can't freeze your bank account through Visa, so be prepared to have to use your Visa card in an ATM and pull out a couple of grand cash, and loose 7% on the international Visa transaction to pay for a deposit to book in.

Thanks Visa



I once had mixed feelings about graffiti. If it was clever or funny, denoted social commentary and did not deface private property, I once turned a blind eye.

No longer. I have spent much time in Singapore in the last few years, and although there are many things about Singaporean society I am glad we haven't adopted, I do like the fact that there is no graffiti or tagging there in there ultra clean muggy sterile if not boring and lacking in inspiration utopia.

After having the wall of my house and door of my garage "tagged" last night, my gut reaction would be to reintroduce capital punishment. My rant then took me to amputation, then flogging such as in Singapore and Saudi, then to seven years in prison, as is being contemplated by the Italian government to the biggest punch in the head that I could muster.

After kicking the dog, yelling at the family and removing the graffiti , and epidermis and dermis from my hands, I wondered what would be an appropriate punishment.

I came to the conclusion that the penalty should depend on age. An adult should know better, so a $5000 dollar fine, and 2 years of Saturdays doing community service of cleaning graffiti and repainting for those who request it.

A minor may not have these funds, so they would get 2 years to pay. On top of this, they get the community service and although I do not believe in curfews, these kids shouldn't be out late any way, so a 10PM to 6AM bracelet curfew with GPS so as to monitor their movements, and avoid re offense.

Unfortunately, these penalties are not available due to a weak, ineffectual, enfeebled, lily-livered, decrepit, impotent, anile, supine, pissant, and spineless government, so if it happens again and I catch the prick, I will have to contemplate giving him the biggest punch in the head that I can muster.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ashfield drivers

It never ceases to amaze me how few people can drive. Living in Ashfield, you sort of get used to needing eyes in your arse, but I swear its getting worse. Before anyone screams racist, not so. There are many bad Asian drivers in Ashfield, but due to the local demographic, the majority of drivers are Asian. (although I am amazed at how many don't speak English when you verbalise your disbelief at their stupidity).

The case in question is of a Caucasian, teenage, female, green P plater, in her father's station wagon that ran up the back of my already multi dented Commodore. Although somewhat stressed and angry that someone could drive into the back of me going up a steep hill while I was stopped at a roundabout, I was completely surprised that it wasn't a white veggie van, taxi or turbo Nissan, that hit me. Although the damage to my car was minimal (I have a tow bar for just this sort of occasion), my tow ball was missing and steam was issuing from the girl's car with some ferocity.

With my stress building, and the girls face approaching purple, I felt some levity was required.
"How do you stop when I am not in front of you" to which she responded with a howling scream and a torrent of tears. She then jumped in the wagon, reversed from the impaling tow ball squeaking of plastic and metal along with a greater whooshing of steam and drove off......
I hope for the car's sake that she didn't live too far.

In hindsight, I wasn't quite expecting such a response, but now have a greater appreciation of sarcasm. It is a much underrated tool.


How stupid am I? Armed with my Pink Slip (white now) and my Green Slip, I try to pay my Rego.
Aha, a BPay bill number, but no biller code, just a reference to or the 1300 number. The 1300 number put me in the queue that beeps like they hung up, and the web site search function for BPay biller code returns a link to the BPay site, which if you type RTA into the biller section, provides zero matches.

Ariane has offered to take it to the RTA to pay as this would be quicker.

I am supposed to find this type of rant therapeutic, but at 11:00 am, I could still use a beer.