Friday, August 8, 2008


I once had mixed feelings about graffiti. If it was clever or funny, denoted social commentary and did not deface private property, I once turned a blind eye.

No longer. I have spent much time in Singapore in the last few years, and although there are many things about Singaporean society I am glad we haven't adopted, I do like the fact that there is no graffiti or tagging there in there ultra clean muggy sterile if not boring and lacking in inspiration utopia.

After having the wall of my house and door of my garage "tagged" last night, my gut reaction would be to reintroduce capital punishment. My rant then took me to amputation, then flogging such as in Singapore and Saudi, then to seven years in prison, as is being contemplated by the Italian government to the biggest punch in the head that I could muster.

After kicking the dog, yelling at the family and removing the graffiti , and epidermis and dermis from my hands, I wondered what would be an appropriate punishment.

I came to the conclusion that the penalty should depend on age. An adult should know better, so a $5000 dollar fine, and 2 years of Saturdays doing community service of cleaning graffiti and repainting for those who request it.

A minor may not have these funds, so they would get 2 years to pay. On top of this, they get the community service and although I do not believe in curfews, these kids shouldn't be out late any way, so a 10PM to 6AM bracelet curfew with GPS so as to monitor their movements, and avoid re offense.

Unfortunately, these penalties are not available due to a weak, ineffectual, enfeebled, lily-livered, decrepit, impotent, anile, supine, pissant, and spineless government, so if it happens again and I catch the prick, I will have to contemplate giving him the biggest punch in the head that I can muster.

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