Friday, May 23, 2008

People who indicate after they stop at traffic lights

Arse holes !!!!!

Enough said.


Ingrid said...

Your wife directed me to your blog. I live in a small village where √©veryone is so stoic and have no problems that you can´t complain because everyone just thinks you are a whinger and then will tell everyone else what you are......, and my husband √≠sn´t interested in hearing me whinge (although he painfully does as he has to), so it was a breeze (more than a breath of fresh air) to come to your site.

You know what I hate, though, re driving. I hate people who slow down without indicating anything, not telling you what they are going to do, so you are stuck behind them. But trust me, Australian drivers are nothing like European drivers. I don´t think they even know they ave a blinker on their car. I rarely see one.

Mim said...

Ahh, that's why I didn't know about it, it's brand spanking new!

Welcome to the blogosphere Crash :)

Don't you just wish you lived in the good old days when blinkers were and optional extra on cars? *evil grin*

I look forward to reading what will no doubt be many first class rants on the stupidity of humanity, may the venting do you good and amuse your readership to boot!