Thursday, May 22, 2008


How stupid am I? Armed with my Pink Slip (white now) and my Green Slip, I try to pay my Rego.
Aha, a BPay bill number, but no biller code, just a reference to or the 1300 number. The 1300 number put me in the queue that beeps like they hung up, and the web site search function for BPay biller code returns a link to the BPay site, which if you type RTA into the biller section, provides zero matches.

Ariane has offered to take it to the RTA to pay as this would be quicker.

I am supposed to find this type of rant therapeutic, but at 11:00 am, I could still use a beer.

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Ariane said...

Rego is paid - good thing I accomplished something in that evening's debacle. That nonsense was worthy of your blog...